Solar PV Trainer

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Solar PV Trainer

Solar Photovoltaic Trainer - $4,295

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The Solar PV Trainer is simple to use and provides you with the basic learning objectives of Solar PV. You will learn about the variables involved with the sun and environment that may affect solar production, tilt angle, azimuth, shading, etc. Students will also learn the difference in wiring series and parallel connections and the basics of electrical circuits, Ohms Law and the Power formula. Click here to preview The Simple Photovoltaic Manual.

Go Green 4 Power can also provide training for your employees or students.



  • 10W Solar panels (4)
    • 12V Nominal Voltage
    • Vmp – 17V
    • Imp – 0.6A
  • Utility Cart
    • 28” x 20” x 32” – 2 tray
  • Aluminum Frame
    • Powder coated
    • Hinged: Tilts from 0 – 90 degrees (15 degree increments)
  • Charge Controller
    • Protections:
      • PV: Overload, Short Circuit, High Voltage
      • Load: Overload, Short Circuit
      • Reverse Polarity: Battery, PV, and Load
      • Lightening and Transient Surges
      • High Temperature
      • Reverse Current at Night
  • 150W Power Inverter
    • 12VDC to 120VAC
    • 1A Continuous Power
    • Modified Sine Wave
    • 400W Peak Output Surge
  • 12V Battery
    • Sealed Lead Acid
    • 7.2Ah
  • Solar Panel Interface
    • Terminals for Solar PV Connections
    • 3ADC Analog Panel Meter
    • 100VDC Analog Panel Meter
    • Compass to Determine Azimuth
    • Banana plugs and wires for Series and Parallel Connections
  • The Simple Solar Photovoltaic Manual
    • Solar PV Learning Materials
    • Solar Labs for hands on learning
  • Designed, Manufactured and Assembled in the USA

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